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A Portable Lifesaving Tool

Aspirinpod® is easy to use! Instead of carrying a large and noisy bottle of pills with you everywhere, just place an emergency aspirin tablet in the small storage pod. Aspirinpod® is portable and designed to attach to your keychain and keep in your handbag. Don't be caught in a dire situation in the middle of nowhere on a hunting or fishing trip, keep an Aspirinpod® pill container in your tackle box or hunting vest and you'll buy precious time for rescue. We are proud to manufacture our product here in the United States to promote heart health awareness. Please call us for more information about quantity pricing for hospitals, cardiologists, corporations, organizations, and more.

A Conversation Starter

This anatomically shaped heart pod hangs from a 6" ball chain and can be attached anywhere. The unique shape of the pill container can start conversations about heart health awareness. Aspirinpod® is also symbolic "for heart" showing that you care about the safety of others and about heart health awareness. It means you will intervene and help save lives if the need arises. If suffering a heart attack CALL 9-1-1, and chew a 325 mg aspirin. Please note that the Aspirinpod® pill container does not come with aspirin.